Pro Tips to Get Organized!

B. Organized | Professional Organizer | Main Line Neighbors

The new year is a perfect time to get organized! I shared these pro-tips with Main Line Neighbors recently in an article about Getting Organized on the Main Line.

Brittini Schafer – B.Organized
Organizing Philosophy: “Make sense of what you have. Push yourself to answer the tough questions. Do you use it, do you love it, do you need it? If it doesn’t make sense, it’s a reason to re-think the process, the item, the purchase or the habit.”

●       Encourage responsibility and organizing skills at a young age. Set up playrooms so they’re easy for little ones to help clean up. For example, if you have shelves that are too high or inaccessible to a small child, they’re likely not going to understand the value of putting things away. Visual labels really help: try a photo of Legos or affixing a single MagnaTile on the outside storage bins.
●       Rotate toys! Old toys will feel new again if they disappear for a few months but it also allows you to rotate new ones in.
●       Dedicate a basket for collecting items. Leaving things on the stairs can easily pile up. Leave a basket for each person or in certain rooms for items to be gathered and re-homed. Make sure it gets put back.
●       Don’t make your life harder than it has to be. Find ways to reduce the number of steps it takes to do something. For example, if your coffee maker is on the counter, put your coffee cups right above it.
●       Your digital life needs organizing too. Neglecting the organization on our devices can be overwhelming so start with something small. If you’re organizing photos, start with one year or one kid or one event. Consider reviewing your emails regularly and unsubscribing or archiving as needed or color-coding your calendar.

You can see the entire article here.