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Brittini Schafer is a phenomenal professional organizer. What would possibly take you three months to cull and organize on your own, you will accomplish in three hours under Brittini's guidance.

She is very creative and focused on how she approaches the task at hand, and it is also a very pleasant experience to work with her. Even while you are busy throwing things away, Brittini is working on planning the next steps so that there is never any wasted time with her. She is firm in giving you a frame of reference when you get stuck, but she is also understanding of how decluttering can have a strongly emotional component.

Brittini has tremendous positive energy peppered with a sense of humor, and that helps create a working environment where the burden of clutter and disorganization can be lifted off your shoulders. I highly recommend her!

— Don F., Philadelphia

Brittini is ALL THE THINGS!!!

Just kidding...I meant to say she helps you get RID of all the things.

We have spent several sessions together --organizing my linen closet, complete with matching bins customized with her electronic printy-label--doohicky-thingy!  It looks really pretty.

We also organized my closet and all of me and my boyfriend's clothing so that it fits in our really small closet (did I mention she is great at getting otherwise disorganized significant others into the mix?)  

We also organized an office space and two storage units.  Brittini implemented a bathroom system so that we have all necessities in reach and accessible, in the process we removed lots and lots of clutter!

On top of it all, Brittini is an amazing conversationalist and super trustworthy and appropriate in all the ways that are important.  

I CANNOT recommend her more highly!!

You will be so glad you did this for yourself, because I really think a clutter free house= a clutter free brain!

— Jennifer

Brittini has been a lifesaver for me over the past year. While facing many challenges in my life, especially during the pandemic, she helped me focus and stay on top of my business and personal organization responsibilities. Her extensive computer expertise has helped me quickly address and resolve many issues that I could not easily fix on my own. Brittini has a warm, steady, and calm manner, and she has supported me at frustrating moments when I needed to get my computer to work efficiently or follow through on important business matters. When COVID began, I panicked, and Brittini offered to shop for me to make sure I had the essentials I needed at the time. She's a gem.

— Andrea

I would say that B. Organized has been AMAZING from start to finish, BUT I DONT THINK I’LL EVER BE FINISHED finding things for her to organize in my life.  We recently moved from a cluttered 1 bedroom to a larger space. With this major change I knew I wanted to purge old furniture and decor to start fresh, but I didn’t know where to begin. 

Brittini helped me compartmentalize what I wanted to keep, purge, sell or donate so we could gain back some of our moving costs. She not only organized our move, but essentially made us money too, WHO MAKES MONEY DURING MOVING, let alone during a Pandemic!?!? We did!  She handled listing items for sale, pick ups, and payments so we could focus on our move and small business. She was respectful of our schedules and made sure we were comfortable with the price points she had chosen for all items. 

Once moved in, upon thinking that our time with B. Organized was complete, I quickly realized sorting out all of our belongings and boxes in a new space was going to be overwhelming and with our busy schedule, almost impossible to do. Without hesitation, Brittini was at our door within a day to help find the most efficient and effective placement for our things. She showed us so many clever and clean ways to store things that we were actually able to return 2 pieces of new storage furniture, which allowed us to save even more money and space!! 

Brittini is the Happy Home Creator. She has relieved us of so many physical and time consuming tasks, but also of extra mental stress and clutter that moving can so often cause. She is affordable, professional, and if "bedside manner" was a thing for organizers , she would have the best. She was always respectful of our home and the way "we did things" and she makes a sometimes super uncomfortable situation, extremely easy. She was funny and direct but always polite and we could not have done this move, or any other in the future without her.

— Marti

Brittini is an excellent organizer and was great to work with - She was responsive in setting up appointments to inventory the contents of my apartment and for the actual packing in preparation for my move from PA to NY. She and her assistant were quick and thorough, and took care with my many fragile and antique items. I didn't have to pack anything except personal things that I chose to. She listened when I had a request. And it was all well packed so that nothing was damaged in the move. I would highly recommend Brittini.

— Barbara

Brittini organized and child-proofed my entire living area! She worked quickly and efficiently even while toddlers played at our feet. She looked right through my messy shelves and cabinets, visualized an organized space, immediately knew the steps to get them there. Brittini took care of removing and donating all the items I decided I no longer needed. The best part is that even after she left, our living area is still organized and looks and feels great!

— Kara

Organizing is a sort of spiritual practice since it brings you into the present just like meditation. It facilitates a healing whereby we can review the past and acknowledge its gifts and lessons. With Brittini’s help I was able to let go of my stuff, and it was so much easier to gracefully move on and grow towards a better future without all the baggage.

— Mirabai

I can’t say enough good things about Brittini. I’ve lived in my house for 2 years now, and it never quite felt set up right. The space felt cluttered and underutilized. Brittini came in with tons of great energy and amazing ideas. She helped me purge things that I no longer needed and then she helped reorganize my first floor to give it a better flow and more usable space. If you’re looking to get organized and feel good about where you live, then Brittini is your girl.

— Mike

B. Organized was a gift. Brittini was quick and efficient at helping us classify necessary items versus clutter. Our space was transformed from a mess into a neat usable space.

— Rosemary 

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