Digital Organization

Digital Organization


    It’s not just about the physical stuff, but the digital stuff too.

    I put my 12 years of tech experience to work, creating custom solutions for the devices and platforms that are an integral part of your work and personal lives. 

    I’ll set you up for long-term success. Reduce your clicks, back up your information, sync calendars, keep track of your contacts, eliminate unwanted emails, and more with digital organization.  

    Some examples of digital organization projects are:

    • Safeguarding your passwords 
    • Freshening up your profiles 
    • Taking better notes 
    • Upgrading your to-do list 
    • Going on an app diet 
    • Organizing your inbox 
    • Unsubscribing from the noise 
    • Syncing your social networks 
    • Scheduling maintenance 
    • And backing-up

    "Her comprehensive computer expertise has helped me to quickly address and resolve many issues that I could not easily do on my own." - Andrea


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