Benefits of Move Management

B.Organized's primary goal is to alleviate the stress and chaotic nature of moving.  Please ready below about our specific parameters for moving projects.  

What to expect for packing services:

  1. Prior to you booking a moving company, B.Organized must schedule an in-person walk-through consultation to determine number of estimated hours and materials required for the pack job
  2. Pack jobs have a minimum of 2 organizers, sometimes 3 depending on the size of the job
  3. Please make sure you share all pertinent dates with B.Organized including the date of the truck arrival and the date you actually plan to sleep at your new home
  4. Please also share about any storage units and/or temporary stopping points (hoteling, Airbnb, etc.) that may be used or impacted by the move.
  5. If you have an image of the floor plan of your new space, this helps us optimally pack your things.
  6. Please also share what, if any, items you’d like to personally move yourself (hint: some moving companies have specific policies around laptops, jewelry, weapons and/or alcohol).

What else we can help with:

  1. We are happy to purchase and source the packing materials required for your move; there is a one-time flat rate of $150 for shopping for these items.
  2. We work with a number of moving companies in the area and make suggestions as well as provide guidance and expertise on moving quotes you receive. 

What we wrap/pack:

  1. clothing, shoes, accessories
  2. bathrooms
  3. playrooms
  4. kitchens end-to-end including pantry items and tabletop appliances
  5. housewares, decor
  6. cleaning supplies
  7. small art
  8. knick-knacks, collections, photos, memories
  9. small sculptures
  10. small plants

What we do not pack:

  1. televisions larger than 50”
  2. large speaker/sound systems
  3. framed or unframed art larger than 50”
  4. large sculptures
  5. chandeliers*
  6. large plants
  7. lawn equipment
  8. outdoor furniture
  9. rugs
  10. memory foam mattress pieces

What we do not dispose of:

  1. old paint
  2. any household chemicals
  3. large contractor items (i.e. old screens or windows, extra tile, lumber, old flooring, dry wall, etc.)

*Chandeliers, if properly dismounted by you or your electrician, can be packed with special packing materials that is required to be purchased.